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About us


At the heart of our philosophy is you, our clients. We believe that the key to success lies in deeply understanding the unique challenges and objectives of each customer. Therefore, our consulting approaches are not only characterized by expertise and technological competence but also by empathy and a profound understanding of our clients' individual needs. Our mission is to deliver innovative solutions that provide sustainable value to our clients.

Our Values

At cnxtechnology, we strive to be at the forefront of the consulting industry in AI, simulation, and data analytics. Our approach is deeply rooted in a foundation of innovative technology, tailored solutions, and an unwavering commitment to the success of our clients. Our philosophy and values reflect our aspiration to be not just consultants but trusted partners on your digital transformation journey.


We consider respect to be the foundation of our company and the basis for all our relationships, whether internally among our employees or externally with our clients and partners. We value the diversity of people and ideas, treating everyone with courtesy, appreciation, and fairness. Through respectful interactions, we create a positive work environment where everyone can unleash their potential.



Innovation is the heart of cnxtechnology and our response to evolving demands and opportunities. We believe in continuous learning, creative problem-solving, and the willingness to explore new paths. We encourage our employees to be bold and share their ideas to collectively drive innovation and make a positive impact.


We set high standards for ourselves and continuously strive to improve our performance and achieve outstanding results. Excellence, for us, means working hard to exceed our customers' expectations and always seeking the best solutions. We invest in the development of our employees to strengthen their skills and expertise, fostering a culture of excellence characterized by teamwork, accountability, and continuous advancement.

Bewölkter Berg

Our Management

Our management team consists of the two founders Christian Schauler and Dr. Christoph Ebensperger, along with the manager Dr. Jonathan Pfahler. Christian Schauler and Dr. Christoph Ebensperger are distinguished by their extensive consulting experience as well as their profound industry expertise. Dr. Jonathan Pfahler, due to his years of experience in research and development of leading AI systems, leads the Analytics, AI & Simulation department. With the combination of experience, industry knowledge, and expertise, we ensure the success of our clients. Feel free to contact us directly  or via LinkedIn.

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